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"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
Aug 15 '12
Aug 14 '12
Lana Del Rey - Diet Mountain Dew (Born To Die)

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Aug 14 '12

Dat financial aid…

Why was I charged another $2,500? Why was it described as Refund to Other? I have no idea and I wish the description was a little more…descriptive. Who is this Other? 

Also, just realized I could have been saving soooo much money if I had been living off-campus all this time. Wtf was I thinking? Yes, I would have to cook for myself and be a grown-up and pay rent and bills but really like thousands of dollars could have been saved!

Aug 14 '12
Aug 14 '12
Aug 14 '12
Aug 14 '12


Aug 13 '12

Reading reading reading

Finished Flowers for Algernon. So sad and a good story. It made me think of the role academic intelligence plays in relationships between people. 

Some quotes:

"Language is a barrier."

"…intelligence and education that hasn’t been tempered by human affection isn’t worth a damn." 

"And as I lay there with her I could see how important physical love was, how necessary it was for us to be in each other’s arms, giving and taking. The universe was exploding, each particle away from the next, hurtling us into dark and lonely space, eternally tearing us away from each other—child out of the womb, friend away from friend, moving from each other, each through his own pathway toward the goal-box of solitary death.

But this was the counterweight, the act of binding and holding. As when men to keep from being swept overboard in the storm clutch at each other’s hands to resist being torn apart, so our bodies fused a link in the human chain that kept us from being swept into nothing.”

Next up: What is the What by Dave Eggers

Aug 12 '12

Start of some (classic) blogging

I was thinking maybe in addition to reblogging harry potter quotes, videos of Tina Fey, and pictures of half-naked Chris Evans, I would actually write some things every once in a while. So happens that the mood to write is striking right now…

I have this idea that if you cut off all her hair…she’ll look like an old British man.

I meant to start that sentence that way but then Mean Girls quotes just come up like—you know—word vomit. 

I’ve been on quite the reading streak lately. Just finished Slaughterhouse-Five the other day and now I’m half way through Flowers for Algernon. Both great books! Definitely added to my favorites list. I feel like most books that I actually finish usually end up on the favorites list. I think the reason for that is that I usually can’t get through a book if I’m not liking it. This is good because I’m figuring out what I like and what I don’t, but bad because I keep pushing away ways of writing that are outside my comfort zone. Also, it’s probably the case that the book could be better appreciated after getting to the end. 

Anyway, I’m only half way through but Flowers for Algernon has got some really great stuff in it. In case you don’t know: Flowers for Algernon is about a man with mental disabilities who is part of some experimental neurosurgery/psychiatry research which has been tested on a mouse named Algernon. After surgery, the man quickly increases his level of intellect and is able to see the things going on around him that he was previously unable to understand. His increase in intellect however outpaces his emotional growth. It reminded me a lot of some things I learned from an education psychology course. His description of how he is learning and acquiring information is really good. By the way, the entire story is told through a collection of progress reports that the man writes. Most interestingly though is how the distinction between “intellectual” intelligence and emotional intelligence is made. Both are important and it’s all about the balance.

Aug 1 '12

Are you skipping the sandwich because of Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBT stance and actions?
LIKE and REBLOG if you are!


Are you skipping the sandwich because of Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBT stance and actions?

LIKE and REBLOG if you are!